For The First Time Since 1969 The Rate Of US Jobless Have Went Down

One of the good things which are happening for the US economy is that the government is getting success to control the unemployment rate. According to recent reports, it’s been found that for the first time since 1969 claims for jobless benefits have fallen down below 200000. Jobless claims which many unemployed youngsters do has been fallen down by 8000 to 196000 for April. Earlier many economists predicted that the jobless claims would be around 210000, but it seems like all of these predictions have gone wrong.

The trump administration has taken some bold yet effective decision due to which the government has managed to add a good number of jobs than the previous one. The USA added more than 196000 new jobs in last month because of some good economic policies. Currently, the US is going through a significant problem of a trade war with China which is negatively affecting many businesses. However, even if that problem might look bigger government is getting better to add more new jobs and beating many economists prediction. There are various factors which are improving this situation and one of them is a growing economy.

Trump has been successfully managed to convince many US-based manufacturing companies to create more plants in the country. Companies like GM, Ford now are trying to create more jobs by creating more factories in the USA. However, some Democrats still think the decision which Trump is taking right now might be good for now but the country will have to suffer its consequences in the future. Currently, China and the USA are both trying to solve their issues and make a fair trade deal agreement. Now Some economists are predicting that Trump might get succeed to convince China to sign a good trade deal.

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